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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Polka dotty

This little post is an Ode to Mrs MDS, blogging queen, writer and stylist extraordinaire!
Earlier this week MDS and I were chatting about the pro's and con's of the Polka craze that is taking a firm grip on our high street.  Clients are always asking us do we mix dots with other prints?  Can we wear more than one type of polka at a time?  The answers are always YES, experiment with trends and have a sense of humour when trying them out.  So when your feeling dotty think of the below extras that you can add to a basic polka look to make it a little more interesting.

Go for good quality Polka tights Wolford are a great choice.


When dealing with separates, choose your polka item like this blouse from Full Circle £70.00 but mix your prints by layering over it.

This horse print jumper from ASOS £35.00 would be a great choice and the polka sleeves and pussy bow would create a great contrast.

Add these great ASOS trousers £40.00 and the £8.00 ankle socks below and you are ready for action.

Enjoy being dotty!  x

All of the above items can be found on www.asos.com

1 comment:

  1. Oh my dottyness. You know how much I love a polka dot and a candy stripe! Amaze.

    I love every item. I have those trousers on today (but in teal)... I feel like they're missing a polka dot pop sock with my purple peep toes... Hmmmmmm!


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