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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The arrival of the ROCK!

This weekend has seen me consume 11 bottles of Champagne (with friends), eat out at 4 different restaurant's, drink at 7 different bars and rather than feel exhausted I feel like I am walking on Cloud 9!

And its all because after just over 5 years of dating Rich popped the question... and after blubbing a lot, I said yes!

As requested, here is the story of the evening...

It started with a cocktail or 2 with my sister at St Martins Lane hotel, (I highly recommend the a pineapple and basil martini) where we had the 'will he ever propose' discussion until he arrived of course! 

Then the he whisked me away from my sister and more martini's to our favourite restaurant J.Sheekey's for Oyster's, Lobster and far too many glasses of Champers!

We sat at the bar in my favourite spot and it was the perfect meal (try the crab croquettes they are to die for).

At this point I thought what a great date night and it would be time for home, but instead he took me to the Savoy for yet another bottle of Champagne, we sat in the sofa in the picture next to the Jazz band who played LOVE followed by Cry Me A River I was singing along as they are 2 of my favourite songs!!  Then he pulled my Nan's ring out of his pocket and asked me to be his bride!!!  Aaaahhhhh

I will be honest, the next few moments of the evening are a massive blur of tears and confusion.  But I said yes and then we moved into the Thames Foyer where it was quieter and we could ring our family's which is where the picture below was taken.

My Nan's ring (known as the cupcake ring) on loan until we have a ring made.  My Nan passed away before I started dating Rich, we were very close and I know that she will love having been part of my engagement.  I am also certain that she would have approved!

After having spoken to our families we took a midnight stroll along the Southbank near our house and sat under the twinkly lights by the OXO Tower with yet more Champagne looking out at the City and St Paul's.


  1. PERFECTION!!!! The boy did you proud!

  2. p.s. the cupcake ring has to be your something old on the day? Surely?

  3. AWH!! Fab stuff & a great proposal story!! I might forward this to Mr MDS who went out for a curry and came back whilst I was in bed reading and proposed!!

    1. Ha that sounds close to what Rich had planned for the weekend before! x

  4. Oh wow! Congratulations and what an amazing night to remember. xx


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