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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jubilee Outfit.. done!

This week I made my Jubilee weekend outfit purchase and I have to say it is very me...

It is of course Vivienne Westwood who to me is the Queen of British Fashion and in fact the reason I decided to pursue a career in fashion, so it seemed only fitting that I should wear some Vivienne for the big Jubilee bash!  It cost me a small fortune £260 but a Toga style jersey dress will stand the test of time and will work all year round.

It also looks great with my new £12 necklace from Republic, it is called the Miso Spike and Bead necklace and it reminded me so much of Merle O'Grady's Bombshell necklace that I had to make it part of my growing jewellery collection!

                 Republic £12                              V    Merle O'Grady £256 (£50 now as previous season)                                                         

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