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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Get Creative

I recently spotted these fab items in the accessories section of River Island and thought I would share my top tips on how to get them into your wardrobe, with examples of how I have used similar items!

These fab studs are £15.00 and would be great for adding to a last season jacket lapel or shoulder to bring up to date.  Or you could get creative and pop them round the edge of a peplum on a dress instead of opting for a belt!

I really like adding them to a collar and recently did something very similar with an accessories from Republic on a shoot with the lovely Laura from (http://allthetallthings.com blog).

Then I saw these fab shoe gems £25.00 which are great for jazzing up an old pair of shoes, especially if that old pair are super comfy and not going to give you blisters!

The great thing with this is that it gives you inspiration to create your own.. some old bracelets or belts could create the same effect, check out these Burberry inspired ones from a pair and a spare blog.

Then there is the idea of taking an item like this embellished collar £28.00 and rather than just popping it over a jacket or dress, try sewing it onto an item to give that piece real wow factor for the entire season.  I would sew it on to a white sleeveless blouse to take an everyday item to an extraordinary one.  But for a safer bet attach it to a black polo neck or dress for an instant Russian Doll affect.

Here is a picture of something very similar I did to a polo neck for an AW12 photo shoot, the shoulder detail is actually from 2 Indian headdresses which were from Claire's Accessories, but they gave a simple polo neck a bit of drama!

I hope this has got your creative juices flowing!!  Have fun. x

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  1. I love the embellishment ideas, especially the dramatic polo neck!x


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