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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Trail Blazering..

Menswear is one the parts of my job that I adore as I think it is really easy to create a super stylish look on a guy no matter what the budget!

At the moment I am encouraging all of my male clients to invest in a statement Blazer as it is so versatile and covers so many different outfit options for so many different occasions.  Add a shirt and some dark jeans and your at a restaurant or event, pop a T-shirt underneath and it becomes super relaxed, add in a thin hoody and your looking edgier or add a knit and your can tap in to the preppy vibe!

Here are my top pick Blazer styles from designer and high street that I think will really add clout to any mans wardrobe.

The not so cheap but ideal for any occasion option is from Burberry it's £795 but if you have the budget would look great with a skinny tie, a scarf and T, a smart shirt or a knit!

If like I imagine it will be the Burberry is too expensive then check out this Topman option £150 that can be just as versatile for a lot less money.

The second not so cheap option is also from Burberry £595 but is so bang on trend that I couldn't miss it out! The Velvet and before you guys start rolling your eyes and saying stylists!!  Think about how useful a smarter more dressy blazer can be and how lovely it is for us girls to touch whilst waiting for a drink at the BAR!  In all seriousness a velvet blazer is easier to wear than people think, don't think you have to go super formal with a shirt and tie because the velvet looks fantastic when contrasted with T-shirts.  The only thing that I will say is a must is that you DON'T opt for black, go for a grey or blue as it will soften the look.

If your brave enough to give velvet a go but the price bracket is to high check out Topman's option at £100 which gives a similar affect without the price tag.

I hope this has inspired you guys to check out textured Blazers. 

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