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Thursday, 30 May 2013

SOS- Beauty Regime before the Big Day 8 days to go

The Big Day is fast approaching... You may remember the proposal post back last year, well time has really flown by since then and work at CW-Style has been hectic.  With all the work my beauty regime has really taken a hit, but with only 8 days to go I am getting desperate for last minute fixes..

First off I have not gone on some crazy diet... I refuse!  My dress has been made to fit me and it does, so why would I want to lose any weight?

The rest of me however needs some much needed attention this is what I am doing, but if anyone has any suggestions, i would love to have your thoughts..

I have started using this whitening toothpaste, so my pearly whites are just that..
I am taking vitamin tablets and using Solar oil daily, in the hope that my nails will have a sudden growth spurt!

I am prepping my hair with my all time favourite shampoo and conditioner by Kerastase, so that I have gloss factor!

To keep the cold and flu (that everyone seems to have) at bay.  I am having daily Berocca's, is it weird that I actually like the taste of them? (the boots own brand taste vile)

I have also introduced an excessive amount of broccoli into the diet..  It better be working!!

I am then trying to get some last minute arm toning in (as recommended by other Brides).  My trainer at the gym has got me doing kettle bell super sets and boxing...  The boxing is also helping massively with stress relief!!  

If you think there is more I could do... then please leave me some top tip comments...x 

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