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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So it is the last day of 2013...  Which means I have been looking back over the last 12 months and for me 2013 has been a year full of amazing highs like my Surprise HEN DO, Getting married to my Hubby in my favourite place in the world, HOME aka Essex!  Turning 30, hitting my business targets, becoming God Mother twice to to fab little boys and most importantly My Mum surviving a MASSIVE Operation and coming through it fitter and stronger than ever!  Unfortunately this year I also said goodbye to my Uncle Howard who lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer in November, he was an amazing Man who will be greatly missed by all of us, especially his wonderful family.

After such an emotionally charged year it is really hard to come up with some New Years resolutions for 2014, as I have had the big b'day, the big wedding so I have no weight loss goals  (which is usually the main focus of my resolutions)....  So this year my new years resolutions are all about YOU...  my friends and readers!

So here goes:

1:  Spend more quality time with my friends, girls nights out and couples outings must be booked in the diary to ensure I see my besties.

2: Use my BLOG and YOU TUBE channel to help people start LOVING their bodies and become more daring with their fashion choices.

3: Start selling clothing that really works for people through the blog with useful hints and styling suggestions for each garment.

4:  Offer prizes to followers.. from beauty products, clothing or makeover experiences...  Give something back to my amazing client base!

5: Get on the BEAUTY regime to keep the wrinkles at BAY!

6:  Book more holidays and read more books.

Happy New Year everyone...  Be sure to stop by the Blog, The YouTube channel and the Facebook Page in January as we have lots of exciting fashion nuggets to share and lots of exciting new projects for you to get involved in!


  1. I'm nicking all those except my 2 will be about girlynomics and my 5 about finishing my novel!! Happy New Year xxx

  2. actually I meant point 6 for novel ...durr...I'm all for 5!!


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