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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Jasper's sugar rush

Yesterday evening I attended Jasper Garvida's Spring Summer 2011 show 'Belle' and it was a veritable feast of candy colours and sparkles that left me craving a visit to my favourite childhood sweet shop.  Models had white and pink candyfloss hair bejewelled with the exquisite Louis Mariette creations, and the candy theme seemed to run right through the collection, with bubblegum pink dresses, Parma violet shorts and shirts, Molten chocolate jackets and trousers all the way to a golden coin top which was SO covetable and fashion shoot worthy!

The fab candy floss hair by Toni & Guy:
One of the fab head pieces by Louis Mariette which were truly exquisite!
The shoes by Upper Street London and Jasper: skyscraper gladiators, with candy colours, studs and snakeskin, toughened up the ultra feminine collection.  I felt sometimes that the pairings of shoes to outfits was a little off.  Personally I would have like to see a more solid heal with the gladiator detail on the shoe.

I always expect to see fabulous embellishment on Jasper's garments and the sequin jackets and trousers are fabulously extravagant and I thought the jacket was really wearable.
The dresses where bubblegum not only in colour but also in shape with really girly silhouettes of full skirts and frothy layering of materials.

Saying that there were 2 real gems amidst the collection that had a less girly and more sexy vibe.  The first was this fab printed halter dress with cream spaghetti strap panel at the sides.  It had that playful summer dress vibe.  Then there was a gorgeous print dress (which had a real Ellie Saab feel to the print) The pleated skirt kept it in the playful candy feel but it marked the switch in the collection to a more sophisticated feel.

The more sophisticated feel introduced the darker pallet of chocolates, golds and purples and this fab skirt suit really stood out with its sexy silhouette and fab collar.

The collection was really enjoyable to watch and there were some real stand out garments in the collection.  Specifically this fab top which with the candy feel to the show made me think of golden chocolate coins.  But I also felt it was such a Jasper top!
This image is by Gorgeoux.
Thanks to the gang at Forever Better and Miele for the invite. x


  1. Glad you had a great time. Looks fab shame I missed it! xx

  2. I too fell in love with that top! Glad the photo was useful ):


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