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Monday, 6 September 2010

The TK Maxx Tour...

It has begun... the TK Maxx Smart wear pop-up shop is on its way around the UK and so am I as there stylist on call to help shoppers understand their body shapes and find them some great smart wear looks.
First stop on the tour was Canary Wharf and shoppers bagged lots of great bargains!  From Designer suits and dresses to hosiery to umbrellas.

This is a picture of the fab red bus and pop up shop that will be in Bristol on Wednesday so if you are in the area pop buy for some style tips..

The lovely work wear mannequins that were stripped naked by the end of the day..  the dress was £49.99 reduced from £110 and the suit was sold for £116 reduced from £299.00.

As I will be all over the UK this week I will not be able to blog, but I will be keeping you up to date via Twitter with how the tour is going and pictures of some great makeovers.  x

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