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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cloud Nine Rollers..

I am a volume girl when it comes to hair!  The bigger the better I always say, so in my bag there is always a comb for a quick backcomb boost before meeting friends.

In my cupboard at home I have L'oreals Volume boost for before blow dry's and  Trevor Sorbie's salt spray for extra hold applied mid blow-dry and Baptiste for that 2nd (sometimes 3rd day volume)..

But now I have discovered the fabulous roller set that can make your hair look volumized and beautiful and best of all they are easy to put in and heat up in an instant!  The Cloud Nine rollers heat up almost instantly, they do not burn your fingers as they heat once in your hair and they have Velcro exterior which makes it super easy to put in.
On yesterday's photo shoot we used them in Katie Piper's hair and it looked phenomenal!  I need these rollers in my life ASAP, so that bad hair days are a thing of the past!

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