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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2 New Years resolutions out the window, surely things can only get better?!

I woke at midday on January the 1st having had 6 hours sleep after landing in bed at 6.30am after a fab little impromptu house party!  Despite all the empty bottles littering my Kitchen and lounge I had very little hangover sensation in my head but on reaching my bathroom for the first refreshing shower of the year I was greeted with a sign saying KEEP OUT....  LOO BLOCKED!

Oh joy for the second time in my house party history the first day of the year was spent dealing with sewage.  After attempting for the 5th time to unblock the loo the boyfriend and I gave up and decided to have a 4pm breakfast with our friends who had slept on our sofa's and floors Canteen's Eggs Benedict have never tasted sooooooooooo good. One more UN successful attempt with the toilet before an early night.  The 2nd of Jan will be better, the toilet will unblock itself overnight and we will go to the gym as planned in the New Years resolution.. 

I wake in the middle of the night coughing and sneezing with a head full of cold!  Yes the 2nd of January marked the arrival of a Rudolf like nose and a raspy cough fit for a 100 a day 80 year old! It takes a hot shower (in the non condemned bathroom) 2 cups of hot lemon and honey to even get out of the house and even the I sit like bag of germs in the corner of my boyfriends family gathering with a tissue permanently attached to my nose!  Early to bed and heavily medicated I hope for a more promising 3rd of Jan....

A groggy start as the Night nurse wears off and I am straight on the phone to the plumber for toilet unblocking assistance... as with any emergency appointment you must stay in for them to pop in as soon as they are free.  Determined not to let my cold or a day stuck indoors get the better of me I set to cleaning the oven, doing the laundry to keep me occupied until plumber arrives to restore the order..  He arrives at 5pm with plunging mechanism followed by the boyfriend arriving home early from work as he has spent the entire working day being sick.. So I spend the next hour tending to the ill boyfriend in the basement as well as running up and down stairs checking that the plumber is not covering my clean bathroom with dirty toilet water!  After giving the toilet and endoscopy and paying a small fortune we discover nothing sinister is wrong with loo and order is restored.  I deposit boyfriend in bed and watch a film whilst munching on a chocolate biscuit (another new years resolution broken)!

This morning I woke up in my ones'y in the spare room using my dressing gown as a duvet (I was politely asked to vacate the bed at around 2 this morning because I was wriggling too much and the boyfriend needed sleep for full recovery).

Please let today be sickness and toilet blockage free, that way I can get started with the TAX return!


  1. Your post remind me a similar kind of experience I had . It was my birthday party , when next morning I wake up and drainage system of my house was all blocked with glasses and bottles. And need to call plumber.

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