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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Everyone loves the weekend, it's only Tuesday and i am missing the snow!

I loved the snow this weekend, because it was the perfect finish to a fabulous weekend!

The Boyf and I don't often get to spend quality time together because of work or social commitments (despite living together).  So this weekend with no birthdays, hen weekends, stag's or weddings in the diary we got to just hangout... which was great!

We ate sushi off my new charity shop sushi plates...

Attempted to make some pictures for the bedroom....  This was later taken to the skip as the boyf thought it was rubbish (personally I thought it was abstract and lovely, what are your thoughts?)

Became a domestic goddess in the kitchen making a quiche and Ottolenghi inspired vegetables...  (pastry from scratch!!  pat on the back for me).

Then came the snow and a romantic walk through St James' and Green Park..

We built our first snowman in St James' called Melissa!?!..

We decided Melissa was such a rubbish attempt that the boyf should kick it down so as not to embarrass ourselves.

But the perfectionist in me had to give the snowman building another attempt so we created Snowy and his dog Storm!

Storm's close-up (he really knows his angles)

Snowy, modelling the latest Philip Treacy and giving a nod to Brad Pitt with his walking stick...

I now can't wait for my girly weekend next weekend...  there will be a vintage hen do, cocktails and a champagne brunch whilst learning how to make couture fascinators!!!


  1. what a cute weekend!!!

    Three point five days until the next one...


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