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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Time to Bring those shades on

Sunglasses! Are by far my favourite accessory and more than often I find myself indulging in a lot of funky shapes and colours from the high street stores apart from high-end luxury brand classic pieces that I own.

They have the power of instantly transforming one’s look and personality into a very cool and relaxed and yet a very Suave demeanour.  However an important aspect to keep in mind while sporting this accessory is choosing the shape that accentuates the right angles of your face.

Let me give you a few tips on how to recognise the right shape for your face.

For a heart-shaped face, pick a style that adds width to the narrow part of your face and hence, over sized wayfarers are a good option for this particular face shape. However make sure they are not too high and wide. Another great look is the good old aviators, as the round edges takes away the attention from the broader part of your face.

If you have a round face, the best shape of sunglasses to pick is the one that draws attention to your top part of the face and also makes your face look thinner and longer. Angular and horizontal sunglasses would be your best bet!

Oval and round sunglasses, especially the retro-vintage shapes trending at the moment are a square shaped face’s best friends.  Avoid angular, as they will tend to draw unnecessary attention to your stronger features. Your aim here is to pick the styles that soften your face structure.

Good news for the people with an oval shaped face, anything will go! You have a face with balanced proportions; hence be it an over sized aviator, horizontal frame or a trendy round shaped pair, they will all look great, just make sure to keep them glasses clean and rid of any scratches.

by Chandni Sinha for Waceystyle

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