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Thursday, 25 April 2013

What do you wear to a Suprise Hen Weekend?

As a stylist I have mastered the art of capsule packing for trips away with work or for holiday, but last weekend was very different!  It was my HEN weekend and I knew nothing about it, not event where I was going so as you can imagine packing was slightly tricky...

My guide lines were casual... (casual, but I am a stylist, I don't do casual) for day with FLAT shoes and then something smart casual for the Saturday evening.  I was also informed that there would be one outfit that I had NO choice in!   Can you believe it I had to wear an outfit that would be decided by my hens..  now before you question this previous options for hens before have been full Lady Gaga get-up including wig and a Blue Bottle costume, so i was more than a little concerned!!

Here was my first look..  that I have named casual travel:

Oasis Jeggings, Zara sequin jumper, Zara boots, cowgirl hat.

The next day I had strict instructions to get up and ready for 9am!  To tong my hair and apply OTT make-up with the addition of red eyelashes (I was in fear, but as I saw the outfits of the other hens begin to appear, i became less panicked as the theme was quote clearly WACEY in Wonderland and my Hens looked amazing!!!

My outfit as chosen by my sister and best friend was The Mad Hatter and I was hosting a Photo shoot Tea Party!  Basically they had organised for me and all my gals to star in our very own photo shoot, rather than being behind the camera... IT WAS AMAZING..

A Jaeger Dinner jacket play suit, multi coloured leggings, a top hat, a red neck scarf and a CHANEL sequin jacket!!!!!  Yes you did read that right a REAL Chanel jacket.. unfortunately it was not mine to keep but I LOVED wearing it!

I loved this outfit and my Gals got it so right.. I felt the perfect mix of fancy dress and glam and did not want to take the outfit off.  Here are some pics of the rest of the gang looking super hot and amazingly in theme.

Outfits to mention:
The Rabbit  (my sister who kindly Lent me her outfit later in the day), Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, The Caterpillar, The Queen of Hearts:

After such an amazing photo shoot morning you think we would be exhausted and need a lie down, but actually it was time for a change of outfit ready for our Scavenger Hunt around Matlock Bath!  We were split into teams and given colour themed T-shirts that had drawings of ME on them from various facebook pics of me.. all drawn by my sisters fair hand.

The green team had a picture of me as Baby Spice on it and also had the silly addition of Moustache's that they had to wear throughout the afternoon!

The pink team had me sipping from a graphic cocktail and has the addition of silly glasses as there joke addition!

Yellow team had a pic of me doing a Tequila shot and had some fab wigs as their added accessory.

Then finally the Blue team (my team) had a fancy dress pic of me on it and we got away lightly by wearing silly animal ears!

You must be thinking surely the outfit changes stopped there?  But no we had 1 more change before Dinner into our Smart casual options..  I opted for a River Island play suit and a willy whip of course!

All my gals looked super glam that eve in little dresses, jeans and glam tops and some weird looking red wigs!!!  When we got back from the bar believe it or not there were more changes... I took inspiration from from my sisters earlier outfit and others opted for comfort...

Either way I think you will all agree that it was a weekend full of creative outfits and amazing vision and one that I needed to show you all.  Despite my initial reservations I think my gals did me PROUD!  Rachel Zoe and Karl Largerfeld watch this space as the Style Team Hen will have more amazing outfits when it gets to the WEDDING!!!  x

To read more about the WONDER HEN check out Sugar Plum Slippers Blog.

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