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Monday, 26 October 2009

Obsessed with interiors!

I have noticed that I have had a growing obsession with interiors recently and I have finally worked out why!! I think it is partly because my Sister is about to move out of the house we have shared for nearly 5 years, and my boyfriend is about to move in. I hate to admit it but I have become a little bit crazy with creating the perfect look for our little love nest!

However I have noticed that my purchases seem to be mirroring the fashion trends that are on my never ending wish list.

Our first joint purchase was our second hand Barcelona chair which the Boyf found on Gumtree and looks fab in the lounge. The chair was purchased days after i decided not to buy the super sleek leather Muubaa asymmetric biker jacket from ASOS

So i bought this instead of this.....

Then I go to the Graham & Green warehouse sale and come back £300 poorer, because the magpie in me can't resist anything slightly embellished. This is due to my current obsession with AW/09 Alberta Ferretti's, embellished boots and dresses so I buy:

4 beautiful wall lights that look like crushed crystals,
instead of spending my life savings on these delicious
Alberta Ferretti boots not to mention the rest of the

Whilst spending my hard earned money in the Graham & Green sale, I literally walk into a gorgeous side table. The problem with this purchase is that i can't connect it to any specific fashion trend so.... WHO CARES..... I LOVE IT!

The good news is that the boyfriend offered to pay half. Yay. So tomorrow I am heading out shopping for ummmmm..... a Leather Jacket!

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  1. Hi :)

    You bought great things. Unfortunately for me I can't resist buying clothes and accessories lol

    Love and kisses


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