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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Glam Show Live

This weekend was the 1st ever Glam Show Live and the weather made me even happier to be working at the weekend. I was there with NHJ Style, styling the lovely attendees. It was a hectic 2 days with ladies of all shapes and sizes being belted, accessorized and squeezed into the latest trends. My favourite item on the rail was a houndstooth coat from ZARA:

I think it is such a fab coat and so easy to wear my favourite look for this coat was adding black leather gloves and red lips.

The biggest revelation of the weekend for most of the ladies was finding out there actual bra size! Yes most ladies had been fitted by a well known high street shop and were all in ill fitting bra's that were being about as useful as a chocolate tea pot! It is amazing what the correct bra can do for your silhouette, posture and comfort. We found waists that women had not seen for years due to the fact that there bust was resting on it, there were also yelps of joy when they found out their actual sizes, One lady was wearing a 38D and measured in at 34F a massive difference.

Checkout Bravissimo's hints and tips on finding out if your bra fits you:

Step One - Check to ensure that you are wearing the correct back size.
a) The strap should be firm around your body
b) The strap should be horizontal at the back
c) You can run two fingers under the band

Step Two – Check to ensure the wires sit flat between your boobs and aren't being pushed away from your body.
a) Flat wires at the front

Step Three – Check to ensure you are wearing the right cup size.
a) Your boobs should be enclosed in the cup with no wrinkling of fabric
b) Your boobs don't bulge over top or side of the cups
c) Even in a balconette or plunge bra

The event was a big success for our pod and the weekend came to an end with a much deserved glass of bubbles, yummy. Also my fab feather Oasis Skirt did not get destroyed in the rain on the way home, although i did look rather dishevelled.

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