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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Beautiful Bumps!

As 2 of my fabulous friends are currently pregnant and dressing their beautiful bumps, I thought I would look at the Maternity wear available on the high street and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection.  Gone are the days of smocks and ill fitting maternity jeans, now the maternity wear is stylish and bang on trend so as your body changes your sense of style does not have to!  Most high street brands do maternity versions of the current collections and the specialist Maternity wear designers do fabulous classics that look luxurious and comfortable, but most of all stylish!

So this blog entry is for Ruth and Hazel and all you other gorgeous pregnant ladies!

Topshop has a great selection of maternity and the London Flagship also has a great maternity section which is almost its own little shop.  I think it is important to stay true to your own personal style when pregnant and this outfit i have picked out would be a great everyday outfit that can be dressed up or down with accessories.

These camel trousers £40 are bang on trend in the camel camp, but also really flattering. 

I would add this floral top £35 which has a fabulous open back for a great day look.

Alternatively glam them up with this great cobweb top £18 and add some gold or silver necklaces and a smokey eye and your away!  The fab thing is all of these are in the maternity range so they will fit your bump, your lifestyle and your bank balance!

Isabella Oliver has a great selection of maternity day wear, but the items that really stood out where the selection of dresses with some great day to day looks but also fabulous occasion wear options, from black tie to weddings.  This is the place to go for flattering and feminine maternity evening wear both of these dresses are $195 but well worth the investment.

The first dress I have selected would work really well for day, evening or special occasion by adding layering and boots to dress it down or glitzy accessories to dress it up!

The second look I thought was a fab winter look and includes the new maternity polo neck $115, that they have added to there collection!

Mama's and Papa's also do great selection of maternity wear as well as gorgeous baby stuff and these 2 looks are both from Mama's and Papa's and look really stylish and relaxed.
This top is £48 but really great over shirts or long sleeved t-shirts
This t-shirt is a great fun print £14 and the cardigan is £42 and again in that great camel colour which is key for this season.

Looking at maternity wear has been really good fun but I will be honest, I found some of the maternity collections really disappointing.  The first was the DVO collection with Very, it was really boring and slightly frumpy, it consisted of mostly basics that I felt were overpriced.  Having said that Very did stock mama's and papa's and another fab brand called South.
This top is £22, a bargain and would look great layered over a polo neck or long sleeved T!

When dressing your bump, don't loose your own personal style or individuality.  Experiment and have fun dressing your tummy as it is one of the only times we get to show off an expanding waistband rather than hiding it or squeezing it into SPANX!  When shopping, I would opt for Dorothy Perkins or H&M for basics, Topshop and Next for the style element and Isabella Oliver for the dressier options!

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