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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Winter Accessories - Wish list

I love it when the weather starts getting cold and I can start thinking about my winter accessories list!  The list is ever changing and usually involves a fantasy story to accompany each accessory, and subsequently usually ends up being a catalogue rather than a list, here are a few that I have added for the time being!

I love theses purple over the knee socks from River Island.  They are only £6.99 and will look fab with my brogues and great to keep me warm in  my drafty house!  (actually I have already purchased them, oops)

Because my house is so cold in Winter I usually wear my fluffy sheep slippers, but have not found any replacements that I love yet.  I will of course keep looking but should I fail I have found these fab furry feet warming boots from Zara, the downside is that they are £108 and I am not sure if they are worth it!

This little pom pom eared Bear face beany is SO adorable.  I think the child in me is imagining wearing this and diving into a heap of autumn leaves, and I am loving the dream, so I will be parting with 12 of my hard earned pounds at Topshop in the very near future!
Once I have embraced my inner child and frolicked in the leaves, I will be reverting back to the uber glamorous woman that I am and sport this fabulous statement necklace, £95 from Reiss, with an even more fabulous frock (yet to be chosen) whilst drinking champagne in front of an open fire in a gorgeously opulent country manor hotel with my beloved!
Did I mention that I love Autumn Winter?


  1. The price of the necklace makes the Boots seem worth it!

  2. Great list, I bought my niece a similar woolly hat from River Island for her birthday. They look really good on, not what I thought they'd be at all!

  3. True! now i am even more tempted by the boots! I have told the boyfriend that the hat would be very much appreciated if he feels like buying me a gift!

  4. uh, buy the hat yourself and get the boyf to buy you the necklace or boots! Simple maths!! :-)

    Which country hotel with champers? Can i come? Sounds divine!


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