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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Skincare Special

If you like me, have had a stinking cold or are just noticing the effect of this freezing weather on your skin then I thought I would share with you my secret skin care tips.

I have been a Dermalogica girl ever since, working as a Saturday girl in a beauty salon 12 years ago!  I had a short unsatisfying dalliance into Clinique when i joined university but soon returned to the wonders of Dermalogica  after a serious breakout and a case of dry skin that looked and felt terrible.

I have a religious routine that I follow day and night and then an extreme weather or skin crisis routine.  This sounds boring and UN experimental but it works and It doesn't stop me trying new products or ranges which I do all the time, but 99% of the time its dermalogica and this last week it has prevented the crusty, red nose that these winter colds usually bring!

Then I pop on the skin smoothing cream in the obligatory upward motion (to prevent the wrinkles).  This moisturiser is great for an everyday one but in the winter or when I am feeling under the weather I like to use a little extra product to protect my skin!

The magic miracle product is the Barrier repair cream.  I initially purchased this product to protect my skin on the slopes when skiing, but now I use it as a primer for make-up or as a layer to lock in the moisture of my skin smoothing cream when I want to avoid dry skin or a crusty nose, and it really works.

With the barrier repair cream I find that my skin is really smooth even when its cold, so I can still use my favourite new product this year...  The Laura Mercier minerals powder foundation.  Trust me ladies this foundation is to die for, it makes my kin look sooooooooo smooth and clear.  I love it love it love it!

 My last little keep the winter skin at bay tip is this gorgeous Moisture replenish lip balm from Clarins.  I keep it in my handbag and use it in between lipstick applications to keep my lips soft and plump, so that my red lipstick looks smooth.  It also tastes lush (if you like rose flavoured Turkish delight).
I hope this is helpful to all you gals fighting a cold or the affects of the weather and the heating!  Don't panic there will be fashion chat back tomorrow, with a ghoulish twist!


  1. Oh very helpful we must discuss more!

  2. Great tips, I must admit that I am already noticing the effects of the cold and central heating already!

  3. I've always been a fan of Dermalogica products, well worth the extra.cost


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