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Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween Costumes

If you like me love any opportunity to dress up then you will have sweaty palms at the thought of making a fab Halloween costume. 

In my time I have made so many fancy dress outfits that my wardrobe has a better supply than Angels!  Outfits have ranged from Super heroes to Little-BO-Peep with many a Madonna look along the way!  My speciality though is Halloween and the element of sex appeal that is required for a truly spectacular ghoulish look.  My practice began back in university when I was called on by my fellow house mates to make sexy witches outfits for us all to wear to our student union night Club sandwich!  What this entailed was a trip to Lewisham to purchase the cheapest black sexy material we could get our hands on and the obligatory fish net tights!  The material was expensive so to save money for booze, the finished look was net mini skirts with sequin embellishment, black knickers underneath as they really were very very short, matching customised tops (low cut), broom sticks, cape's made of black bin liners and fake eye lashes.  And since that day of dress up, I have never looked back.

Here is a look at some of the fab fancy dress outfits over the years:

Check out my how to make your own Halloween costume videos on videojug, this one is for a ghost costume but my favourite is the corpse bride, but there is a how to make a devil, skeleton or witch costume to look at too!

Halloween Costumes:
How To Make A Ghost Costume

Happy Halloween. x


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