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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Building a capsule workwear wardrobe.

Click here to see the George at ASDA Capsule workwear wardrobe video.

Ingredients to build a basic capsule wardrobe:

1 dress
1 skirt
1 trouser
1 jacket
3/4 tops with interest
2 pairs of shoes
1 coat
1 bag
1 statement necklace

Mix with a pinch of fashion flair and you can have 9-10 outfit options at your finger tips!
In the capsule wardrobe I created for George at ASDA, I had 11 items and was able to create 7 different looks at a complete cost of £167.50.

But when building a capsule wardrobe you want to play to your strengths!  You may not enjoy wearing trousers and decide to opt for a 2nd dress or skirt option instead, either way ensure that your choice ties in with the rest of the items.

For example, add in a shift dress which allows you to layer underneath and ensure the blouse you chose to layer underneath will work with your separates as well!

Like these also from the George website:

Another top tip is to pick a colour pallet as the base of the capsule..  as this makes it easier to mix and match.  For the style video we picked citrus shades of orange and yellow to add vibrancy to the outfits then had 1 clash colour (Blue) to pull the looks together!

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