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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Gifting Ideas

This is a little post to help the boys out with gift ideas for this Friday and if someone could direct this in my Hubby's direction...  That would be FAB!

First off is FLOWERS:
I am a girl who LOVE a bunch of roses, BUT the price sky rockets at this time of year so I will be requesting an interim bunch like these from Marks and Spencers £8.00.

Then request a visit to Columbia Road on Sunday for a bigger haul, last time I went I got 3 bunches for £15!

Then on to SWEET TREATS:
I'm lucky enough to have THE BEST bakery in London at the end of my road KONDITOR and COOK and they have the most amazing selection of naughties to help you say I LOVE YOU.

I have already tried the Marmalade cupcake, which was delicious and am thinking of buying the HUNK biscuit for his gift.


Now we know that some of you guys like to buy a genuine heart felt gift and most of you usually opt for something with a heart theme like the Swarovski Valentines collection, But I think a piece like these Olivia Burton watches are much more wearable yet still feminine and beautiful.

Every girl loves to receive something frivolous and beautiful and it doesn't get more frivolous than a sexy lingerie set...  something like this House of Fraser set has a basque or bra option £17.50 - £28.50:

Or for bigger busted ladies visit figleaves to find some sexy silky get-ups, they even have a gift finder section where you can input size and price!

If you don't know her BRA SIZE why not try this Kinky option £49?!  One size fits all and if she has read '50 Shades of Grey' then you know she will LOVE IT!

HAPPY VALENTINES!  Check the blog this evening for the Valentines outfit post!

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