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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

For the guys: Barristers on a budget

We couldn't leave the boys out of this series. While there are obvious restrictions with your workwear, you can still try and be as creative as possible. We know decent suits aren't cheap, but there are some brands that offer a good cut and quality at a price that won't break the bank. Here are our suggestions:

The Three Piece Suit:
The three piece suit is stylistically considered to be the most contemporary and elegant look available on the high street. It is also incredibly flattering on all male body shapes if you get the sizing right. Debenhams brands consistently offer a superior cut and tailoring at the lower price point, and Red Herring is definitely worth looking into…….

The Jacket: Red Herring at Debenhams Navy Twill 2 button slim fit jacket £65

The trousers: Red Herring at Debenhams Navy Twill Trousers £34

The Waistcoat: Red Herring at Debenhams Navy Twill £35

Other great suiting destinations on budget are Marks and Spencer:
Grey wool mix 2 button suit £168.00 for all 3 pieces!

Or for the best quality and the lowest price do all of your suit shopping in the Sales!  House of Fraser run one of the best suiting sales and you can get it all under one roof!

Remember if you are buying a suit, make sure you get an extra pair if not two extra pairs of the trousers!  Rotating the trousers will give your suit much more longevity!

We know there are some elements of your wardrobe that you cannot cut corners on. Your shirts, tunics and collars are best bought from a legal clothing retailer who knows their stuff. T.M.Lewin are a great option for tunic shirt and do some great pieces to boot!

The shirt: T.M Lewin Tunic shirt £29.95 or £20 per shirt when you buy 5!  Bargain!

The collars: Ede and Ravenscroft Windsor Wing £7.25
The one you need in court……….

Hallelujah for some colour! As with your fellow female barristers, colour is in short supply in your every day work wear, so make sure you show some personality with your tie selection. This is one of the only opportunities to make a small yet important statement about who you are, so keep away from dull, lifeless neutrals like grey and navy - give people something to notice about you!

Other colour options for those of you not as in touch with your PINK side!

Lilac tones against a Navy suit always looks chic and this £7.50 tie from Marks and Spencer is clean and simple (until you spill your coffee down it!  which reminds us.. always have a spare in your bag!)

Or this slightly more luxurious option £16.00 also from Marks and Spencer

While adding a pair of cufflinks to your look will undoubtedly up your overall spend, it is another area where you can show a little personality. We don't mean run out and invest in a pair of "beer bottle" or "batman" types, rather go for something classy with a twist. These cufflinks from Thomas Nash do just that.

Shoes can be hugely expensive and end up eating significantly into your work wear budget. If you need to go for a cheaper option such as these great value and stylish to boot brogues from New Look, keep them looking the business with regular cleaning and polishing, kits start from as little as £4.99 from Pavers.

While we know you love to throw your bags over your shoulder (and this one has a strap to help you do that), you need to give your shoulder (and your jacket) a break from time to time. This River Island bag has a great "worn in" texture and comes with a handle so you can carry it as a brief case when you need to. It should also be big enough to accommodate a large case load!

The Glasses:
If you are a spectacle wearer... NEVER underestimate the power of a great pair of glasses!  Strong dark frames are the ultimate fashion accessory at the moment BUT if you are fairer haired opt for a brown or tortoiseshell finish!

We hope you found this useful and let us know if you have any other menswear work wardrobe conundrums we can solve for you!

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