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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Viv's red nose day T's at TKMaxx

I have just placed my order for my Red Nose day T-Shirt and quite frankly I can't wait for it to arrive!

That is because the queen of fashion herself Vivienne Westwood has designed this great T-shirts  collection for red nose day 2011 that will be sold exclusively by TKMaxx.

So embrace your inner punk and checkout the fab collection of black and white prints with the quintessentially tongue in cheek aesthetic of Viv!  The prints fuse humour with History with designs featuring Rowan Atkinson and Miranda Richardson as their Blackadder characters 'Edmund' and 'Queenie', the laughing Audience by Hogarth and a Louis XVI lady.

 I think the Blackadder T's will prove very popular because of the fantastic images of celebs wearing them shot by Brian Adams.
My two favourite designs are the Shakespeare T and the Punk girl vest, the first because I love Shakespeare and the second because it will look fab with my black sequin skirt!  Which once it arrives I will be taking pic's of...

Westwood has also done great prints for the little rugrats too with a typically Vivienne pirate design and then a mother and baby elephant design so the Kids can join in with the fun!

The T-shirts are manufactured in Africa with 100% Fairtrade organic cotton.  So to own a piece of fashion history go to your local TKMaxx store or to TKMaxx on line prices are from £5.99 for a kiddy's 'T' to £14.99 for a ladies fashion 'T' and all net profits from sales of the range will go to Comic Relief.


  1. Love those T'shirts, they are so cute.
    I don't know which one to choose!


  2. hey Anna,
    I think the Queenie is going to fly off the racks..

  3. I think its wonderful. Your collection is truly inspirational. I will be back for more.


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