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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wanted to have a Rant..

Today's post was intended to be a rant about being freelance and the frustrations of trying to get great fashion stories and styling printed!  I am always coming up with great new fashion stories and feel it is really important to show new designers to get peoples creative juices flowing.  For example I recently did a shoot using two fab jewellery designers Emma Ware and Sophie Breitmeyer as the main focus and trust me the images are great and I will share them with you once I have confirmation on publishing.

Emma Ware necklace

Sophie Breitmeyer necklace

However it is really difficult to get the magazines interested in these type of shoots, in fact it is a complete catch 22 situation!  The magazines want images using known designers but the designers won't release their items for shoots until you have confirmation from the magazine who wont give it until they have seen the story!!!!!!!!  ARRRRRGGGghhhhhh

This was intended to be a really long rant and then a ping in the inbox from the lovely Lucy at TKMaxx  headquarters lifted the frustration fog!  A shoot that I did with TKMaxx last Thursday got a double page spread in the York Press which put a nice big smile on my face.  Maybe the regional press are interested in Fashion articles after all!

OK, TKMaxx are a big company and have a really big consumer group but if the readership is there for a double page spread about fashion why not put it to good use?  Local produce and not just in terms of meat, eggs and honey, I mean local designers or small boutiques.  The regional publications could be doing fashion coverage on those people as well as high street fashion so that people can really get to know what is happening fashion wise on their doorstep. 

So I have decided that I am going to keep pressing the press to do more pieces on small fashion businesses and boutiques and keep you guys up to date on the progress!

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  1. Congratulations on your double page spread! I definitely agree with your stance on promoting local boutiques and businesses, our local paper the evening gazette has a weekly magazine called Eve which publishes fashion features, it might be worth a try. I quite like reading about local based fashion, it makes me want to find out more. Good luck! xx


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