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Friday, 25 February 2011

You will be green with envy..

OK, I know that I don't really have the money but I NEED these dresses in my life....  NOW!

Yes I had a lovely gem of an email pop into the inbox from Girl meets dress this morning and this gorgeous Gwen dress caught my eye.  I love it and really need it in my wardrobe to go with my aviator ankle boots.  I also think my pleather necklace by Emma Ware would look gorgeous with it.  The great thing about Girl Meets Dress is you can hire fab dresses like this for a fraction of the price, just £99 for 7 nights as apposed to the £370 to buy it.  I will be hiring this baby in the very near future!

Then I spotted this even more striking and more versatile Keira tunic dress. The colour is to die for and the cut is gorgeous.  But I don't want to own a dress like that for a mere few days I want a dress like that for an entire season.  This dress will make my life complete (a major exaggeration) but I really want this dress but to buy from LaDress which by the way should be every girls first stop for finding that perfect dress, it is £210.  I am going to buy the dress but my real dilemma is which colour to buy?  The blue or the green?
So my lovely blog readers, I need your help.  I am about to part with 210 of my hard earned pounds but which dress do I go for?


  1. I'll fight you for first wear of the blue one...

  2. green will look fab with your hair.

  3. The green one every time...I'll share it with you! x

  4. Decisions! Decisions! Both are lovely dresses but I have to say its got to be the blue!

  5. If it has to be one of them, go with the blue! The shade is more versatile and summer is coming!


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