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Thursday, 25 March 2010

I Want does not get but Vouchers do!

There are a few things that I desperately want to spend my paycheck and left over Christmas vouchers on.... Mac to be purchased with John Lewis vouchers! Shoes part paid for with House of Fraser Vouchers and Belt.. the cash from haircuts I did yesterday! Can't wait to go shopping!


  1. hello & thanks for checking out my blog!
    i lovvve those gray shoes. ugh need to go shoe shopping.
    i should avoid gray & black tho since thats all i seem to buy.
    but maybe, i could make an exception for those shoes. . .

  2. hey..thanks for visiting my blog and following :)
    I'm trying to follow you but doesn't show my name, but it says i'm following...how weird..Good day :)

  3. Hi there-lovely choices, the Macs a great colour and I love the sandals!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I absolutely love the Ted Baker Mac! The colours this season are so vibrant! Bit gutted, I bought this mac last season in an Olive Green, it always looks great, and hasn't aged, which means I don't get to buy a replacement in a new and exciting colour! I would definitely recommend it though! A must have for this or any season, love it love it love it!

  6. Rachel, the apple shoes come in a fab pink to so you dont have to be all grey and black.
    Tangerine Fairy, A couple of people have said that so will have to check it out.
    SR, The mac is fab i can't wait to get it, i will pop some pics up when i do!

  7. Orange?? oraaaange? a bit difficult to wear, non? or am i too conservative (small "c"). loving the mac though. almost as much i i love particuliere...

  8. Pinky: I loved the Olive green from last season especially the fab striped lining. I think it will still work for you this season and they stand out so much in a sea of black coats! Today I was at Canary Wharf and the swarms of people blurred into one... your coat would have made you stand out!

  9. I think anyone can wear any colour it is just about getting the tone right! I have red hair and wear red lipstick which you would think would clash! But it looks great (if i do say so myself)

  10. You spendaholic!! If only I could join you xx

  11. love the colour popping coat and shoe choices! You have a really great blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy. Enjoy shopping :)

    Have a lovely Easter weekend xxx


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