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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day

As it is Mothers Day and I like most girls found my first fashion inspiration in my mothers wardrobe!! So In the spirit of Mothering Sunday I thought I would celebrate my uber chic mother with a short post showing some of my favourite pics of her!

She has impeccable taste and always looks very glamorous with a twist of Sexy!

On New years eve.. in black her favourite colour! On holiday in black did i mention that was her favourite colour!!! Loving the big specs tho!Gotta love a classic T with high-waisted jeans! Loving the pose too..Looking every inch the Bunny Girl!

Tennis chic... Anna Wintour would be so proud! Had to include this as I just love the hair.
Fab eye make-up and exaggerated shirt collar.

Happy Mothers Day.x


  1. My word you are you mother's daughter! You're defo not adpoted!

    Mamma Wacey looking hot!

  2. Mamma Wacey looks totes J'adorable! Love her!

    Ozzy x



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