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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Underwear as Outerwear?

This is a trend that i love especially when it is done right. I mean what girl wouldn't, silk, lace and structure make a girl feel fabulous and a little bit naughty. It has that 'check me out' element of the Madonna Conical Bra days and the vavavoom of the Madonna sex book days. But is it practical for us girls who live normal lives and might get arrested or sectioned should we try it!
Lets face it when you have 32F's like me there is absolutely no Bra in my draw that would look good over a T-Shirt or a dress... I mean these are solid pieces of construction made to keep the puppy's were they should, prevent the dreaded double boob, stop them falling out when running for a bus and most of all create the right silhouette! I am not sure that my bravissimo specials have the same fashion clout as Christian Dior or Dolce and Gabbana!
In all seriousness though! If you have the figure for it this is a great trend, with fab lace body suits, silk cami's and detailed crop tops to team with jeans, skirts, shorts or worn over little dresses here are some from the high street that I love!

The Rosalind Prom Dress now in the sale £15 at Oasis. This dress does it all for you if you like the trend but not the risk!
The Lace Lingerie Cami £28 at Warehouse. Wear with jeans or shorts with a blazer or leather jacket (perfect top for disguising tummy)

The Lace Body £20 at Topshop, wear with jeans, killer heals and a blazer or with a pencil skirt and a long cardigan. You need a fab petite bust for this look if you are like me with ample bust try Topshop's Full sleeve lace body and wear a sexy bra underneath (not an everyday over the shoulder boulder holder)
The Button Back Bra Top £20 at New Look, perfect over a little dress or with high waisted shorts if you have the figure to wear alone!

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