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Friday, 12 March 2010

Nailed it!

Yes this weekend i will be showing off my newly painted nails not any newly purchased clothes! (take note MDS, I am trying)

I put my name down for the chanel 505 Particuliere nail cover, what seems like ages ago and yesterday i got the call to say that my very own pot was waiting for me at Boots on Oxford Street! Yay.. you might think but i had actually given up hope and yesterday morning after walking round the fashion emporium that is Topshop Flagship and managed to leave without having made a purchase.... ( I indeed had an armful of stuff to try, but a phone call from my sister shattered my zombie like shopping state and i realised that NO i did not need any of these beautiful lacy items with encrusted beads that yes would look fantastic on. But would leave me poorer and with even less room in my already overflowing wardrobe!) So I ran like the wind to the havens of the Chanel counter of John Lewis, then House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots and Selfridges in hope of securing a pot of this mushroom taupe toned nail varnish that was my hearts desire!
I was met instead with a rather smug faced Chanel lady in one of the previously mentioned stores saying "oh you mean the 505! No we sold out of that and when we get it in we have a waiting list as long as my arm... (gesturing with her skinny perma-tanned arm and was that.... no it couldn't be ... yes she gave me a knowing look as i caught site of her perfectly painted talons in none other than 505) Grrrrrrr.
So my adventure continued I would not be defeated if I could not have the real thing i would fake it I opted for the Nails Inc fake known to insiders as 'Jermyn Street' it was £10.50 a saving of £5.86 hurrah for me and the colour is close i walk with a spring in my step for a whole 7 hours until i receive the CALL saying they have reserved me the 505! What to do?

Sorry MDS I purchase that too... my girlynomics moment lasted a total of 12 hours! But the colour is lush.

OPI also has a colour called 'Over the Taupe' which is very close to 505 too.

The next colour on my list is a minty green to look like the Chanel 407 Jade
Check out OPI Go On Green
Nails Inc Haymarket is also close:

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