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Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Sister turned 30 and My life was not my own!

Yes last weekend my Sister turned 30! I feared there would be histrionics.. and guess what there were!

The week leading up to her Birthday is always chaos as she is one of those girls who is never sure of what she wants, unlike me who always has a list as long as her arm of trinkets, dresses and bags that would be gratefully received!
So many an hour was waisted in Liberty's jewellery section with my Mum, umming and ahhring over bangles, rings, earrings etc. No money was actually spent in Liberty's jewellery despite 3 visits in 1 day, but the velvet cupcake and tea in the most adorable teacup and saucer was just what the doctor ordered thank you Tea at Liberty's!

So with no presents we ventured to Selfridges where instead of buying a gift for Big Sis, we bought gifts for me! Yay..

I came away with 2 pairs of Shoes and a pair of boots.. ooops and a depleted budget for Big Sis's gift, but aren't they lush?

Don't worry I still got my lovely sister some great gifts too. I found this fab shop in Islington called The Make Lounge where we will be making fashion-tastic biscuits and at a later date our very own fascinators! I love gifts like this where you get to do something together and take something homemade away! I also got her a pair of beautiful gold drop earrings.

Big Sis's 30th Birthday Weekend was fun filled check back tomorrow to see the Lady Gaga antics of the Friday night and the Cuban Circus that was Saturday at Floridita.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.. x


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