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Monday, 22 March 2010

Stefanel at House of Fraser

I am very excited about the re-working of the Oxford Streets, House of Fraser. The layout is great and the new brands are great for a stylist who is always looking for fab new items to show their clients!

One brand that has caught my eye is Stefanel, they have not had all there Spring Summer stock delivered but they have some great summer staples as well as some great colours coming in very soon!

I really like the vibrancy of the colours and the really relaxed feel the collection has. The knitwear is also fantastic and that is their speciality so all the knitwear is available all year round!

An item they have in stock at the moment is a fab jersey dress with multiple wearing options! It is the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe and it wont crease, even better.

They get another stock drop at the end of this week so head to HOF and check it out!


  1. 發表,是一種抒發:好的心情可以一再的回味發酵;壞的心情就讓它留在文字裡吧!加油!........................................

  2. I must check it out and yes the new layout of brands is great x

  3. The only annoying thing is that the stock in karen millen and Ted Baker is not that great!

  4. Hi doll, I just found your blog and love it! Keep it glam ;) xoxo

  5. The shorts are amazing.. Great Post...

    Thank you for sharing...


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